About Location

Before we talk about the history of vrindavan it would be very beneficial to know the meaning of word “Vrindavan”. One of the divinities joining Lord Krishna in his Vrindavan lilas was Vrinda Devi. Considered a form of goddess Lakshmi, Vrinda Devi appears as the tulsi (sacred basil) plant, which covered Vrindavan as an expansive forest. Vrinda Devi helps seekers attain Krishna as She is always close to Him; in fact, it is said that Krishna does not like taking food or flower offerings which are not accompanied by Tulsi. It is for this vast forest of Tulsi that Vrindavan is named: Vrinda means Tulsi, or holy basil, and van is the word for a forest.

Vrindavan is a singularly unique a place with a power to help us experience, access and even become completely immersed in the divine. Such a place of experiential crossing over between physical worldly realms and dimensions to divine ones is called a tirtha. Vrindavan’s status as a tirtha has made it the center or a number of practices and traditions that make the place important in ways that, while devotional in nature, affect important aspects of life for everyone, regardless of his or her faith.

About 5000 years ago, Lord Krishna came to live in Vrindavan expressly for the purpose of reveling in His own creation – and He did not come alone. Every single divine being took form as something or another in Vrindavan so they could witness Krishna’s divine play (lila).

About Rama Shree Farms: Healthy fruits make happy people

Inspired by the teachings of Nature, Rama Shree Farms has been designed with the objective to promote Happiness & Peace amongst the residents. Rama Shree Farms welcome you to enjoy living amidst nature, wake up with the chirping of birds, the aroma of beautiful fruits and views of so naturally beautiful that you will love to spend the lifetime here.

Rama Shree Farms are spread over 08 acres of land & strategically located at near Vrindavan & NH-08. Our aim behind to develop these Rama Shree Farms is to provide high quality farm land to our customers with additional Fruit trees plantation, where they can go and enjoy their day with family & friends.



  • Free Security & Maintenance. (Upto Possession)
  • 10 Fruit Trees. (As per choice by customer on list provided)
  • 10 Feet Wide Gate (1.6 inches Iron pipe Framed) on each Farm.
  • Barbed Wire Fencing on each Farm. (3 wires & 5 Feet Height)
  • Lush Green Environment all around.
  • Just 10 Minutes Drive from NH-02 & Prem Mandir (Vrindavan).
  • Proposed VRINDAVAN HELIPAD & Connecting Elevated Road in close vicinity.
  • Development of Mud Eco Cottages for guest stay.
  • Personal Boring & Hand Pump on each Farm.
  • Prefabricated Boundary wall on Farm. (optional & chargeable)
  • Construction of Prefabricated Hut. (optional & chargeable)
  • 25 Feet Wide Gravel Roads.
  • 10 minutes drive for Proposed Asia’s largest Theme park & World Tallest Temple (Chandodaya Mandir).
  • 15 minutes drive for Shri Bankey Bihar ji and ISKCON temple.
  • Free hold Property with Registry in agriculture and mutation.
Some Distances from Rama Shree Farms (Vrindavan)
  • National Highway - 4 KM.
  • Jait Cut - 6 KM.
  • Rama Krishna Vihar - 4 KM.
  • Rama Swarn Garden - 6 KM.
  • Prem Mandir - 9 KM.
  • Yamuna Express Way - 20 KM.
  • Mathura - 25 KM.
  • Delhi - 175 KM.
  • Agra - 75 KM.
  • Bankey Bihari Temple - 11 KM.
  • Chatikra - 8 KM.
  • Proposed Helipad - 2 KM
List of Fruit Trees: (You can choose 2 type of trees)
  • Guava
  • Pears
  • Lime
  • Plum
  • Chiku
  • Mango
Exclusive Payment Plan
S.no Payment Due on Percentage of BSP
1 Amount payable at the time of BOOKING 10% of BSP
2 Amount payable at the time of ALLOTMENT                         15% of BSP
3 Advance payable within 45 days of ALLOTMENT 10% of BSP
4 Amount payable within 60 days of ADVANCE (Registry and Possession shall be executed in the name of customer after receiving of 50% amount) 15% of BSP
5 15 Equal monthly INSTALLMENTS  50% of BSP

Proposed Individual Sample Farm Design
Farm Plot Size: 75 Feet X 144 Feet